Affiliation: Immortal Pack
Past Affiliations: River Pack
Rank: Pup
Family: Mother:Shooting Star
Brothers:Ash, Fox
Mentor(s): None
Apprentices: None
Status: Dead, an ancestor
Roleplayed By: Appleleaf

Thorn is a small, skinny, pale brown tabby brute with black paws and blue eyes.


Thorn was born to Shooting star and Stone along with his brother Ash in the middle of Leaf-bear at the coldest point only a moon later he got a cold but than he got sicker and sicker than when Stone was leaveing for two moons and was saying good-bye to his mate and kits he told Shooting star that Thorn might not make it through the whole leaf-bear he was right only a few weeks later Shooting star was tring to wake him up nothing came up from Thorn. Then she seen that he was dead she yowled No not my pup Thorn wake up you have to wake up. Then Fox came up to her and tried to calm her down now that he was an apprentice he was better, stronger, and older and not running around and not doing what he was really supose to be doing so they both brougt his body out for vigil. And from then on he was and always will be remembered by his family and River pack.

When his sister Mist gets sick with deadly greencough and is whiskers away from joining Immortal pack Shooing star howls that she can't loose another pup after looseing her youngest son Thorn, but Mist soon recovers after her sickness for a half-moon.