Affiliation: River Pack
Past Affiliations: None
Rank: Mid-Ranking Wolf
Family: Mate: Shooting Star
Sons: Fox, Thorn, Ash
Daugthers: Tawny
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentices: None Yet
Status: Alive
Roleplayed By: Appleleaf

Stone is a light brown brunte with a strikey black stripe down his bank and green eyes


Stone was born as a lone wolf to Holly and Whiskers only three weeks after the first day of green-leaf. He then when to River pack to grow up and become a father of pups and have a mate so a while later he became a newly made apprentice and then that is when Shooting star came into his life because when he was a pup he didn't care about her then but now she was a little older now. Hi Shooting star said Stone. Oh man what have I done she hates me now but she is beauitiful and wonderful how could she hate me he thought. Hi Stone nice to see you at night are you a night wolf like me she said. No whats a night wolf said Stone. It's a wolf that is up all night but with only a few hours of sleep they are still active Shooting star said. Then still no Stone said. Oh Petal is calling me over, I'll be right over Petal, Ok I'll see you around said Shooting star as she raced over to her mother as she ran she blew a few leafs of a bush and went into the misty night and then she was gone. Then it was the next day and he found her feathered nest emtpy and seen her doing battle moves with her mentor, Bracken a brave gray brown and black mix she-wolf, even Stone wished he had her as a mentor but it was to late Shooting star had her.

Later, he is seen with Mist and Lilac in a hunting party he watches as Lilac swiftly approches the deer and kills it while he and Mist were distracting it from its front side , it is also noted by him that Lilac went form loosing a rabbit to killig a deer in just two days.