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Channel; #wikia-solarpackomegasden

Rules in GeneralEdit

  1. +Absolutely NO swearing.
  2. +Don't put other users down. It's rude to call someone stupid if they just spelled something wrong. Same situation goes as above.
  3. Lay off the caps. If your excited, say so, BUT IF YOU TALK LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME IT CAN GET ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!
  4. You can use simple shorthand, but don't over do it. See the section on Shorthand below.
  5. +Don't harass users that aren't there at the moment. If your going to leave, say brb so users can understand if your leaving momentarily. When you come back, say something like "back" or "BAK (back at keyboard)" so other users don't think that you ditched them.
  6. Be positive. This is a RP chat channel, not a channel where you share your problems about a friend or your parents.
  7. +Only RP your wolf. If you don't have one, place a join request on the pack's join section

If one of the major rules (marked with a +) is broken, there will be a ban sequence

Your very first time: Warning, 2 hours

First time: 1 day

Second time: 3 days

Third time: 1 week

Fourth time: 3 weeks

Fifth time: 1 month

Sixth time: 3 months

Seventh time: 6 months

Eighth time: 1 year

Ninth time: Permanent unless lifted

If you see someone break any of these rules, tell Tawny.

Rules for Roleplaying (RP)Edit

  1. If your character is doing an action, type in either /me (whatever action your character is doing) or just put it in stars
  2. Be appropriate. Don't be murderous where every 10 seconds someone gets killed in a bloody battle.
  3. This is the Solar Pack Omegas Den. If you belong to the River Pack, then do your RP there.
  4. If you want to talk to the omega and only them, then please bring up a private chat with them so it doesn't clog up the main chat space.
  5. This is the Omega's Den. Don't chat as if your sleeping in the apprentices den.
  6. If the Omega dies, make sure it's reasonable. If he/she dies by choice (the RPer makes the Omega hit head on a rock), then the death is accepted an moved on. The Omega doesn't die if its attacked by a magical fire-breathing unicorn that came out of nowhere. If your unsure about if the Omega should have died, consult Tawny.
  7. Don't tease the omega for it's low position. They have just as much skill as you (sometimes).


Everyone knows that when chatting with their friends on IM or something like that, you shorten words with simple letters.


You - u

Are - r

Bye - bibi, bi

But some phrases are changed around so much the other person has no idea what the other person is saying


Phrase: What are you up to?


Wat r u up 2?


wt r u ^ 2?

Seems that only 2 things are changed, but see how hard they are to read!

If you have a shorthand that you use, then post it in the shorthand list with the regular typing, and your shorthand typing, followed with the four ~.


Goodbye - bibi Tawnyis here... 18:04, August 16, 2010 (UTC)

Shorthand ListEdit