The Gray Pack is a Pack of wolves that live in the depths of the woods. They can hunt basically any animal in the forest in the deepest of the undergrowth. If you love nature, animals, and being unseen, then consider joining the Gray Pack!

Strengths: Hunting in the undergrowth, are excellent at stalking animals from voles and mice to birds and pigeons.

Weaknesses: Uncomfortable in the open, all the rustling of the undergrowth can make an enemy unheard if they trespass


Alpha Male:

Alpha Female:-Lightningstrike is a gray tabby wolf with yellow tabby splotches, a yellow diamond on her nose, a yellow tabby patch over her eye and green eyes, RPed by Rainear

Beta Male:

Beta Female:-

Mid-Ranking Wolves:

Cloud is a pure white she-wolf with faint blue eyes, RPed by Fiercestar

Moon is a dark gray brute with a white head and aquamarine eyes, RPed by Fiercestar


Pup sitters:

Starmist - A beautiful light and dark gray she-wolf with a black tail tip, black rings around her eyes, and tabby striped tail with warming, dusty blue eyes, RPed by *Leafpool*

Mate:Ember, Expecting pups





Hunting Territory

Burial Grounds

Alpha's Den

Beta's Den

Mid-Ranking Wolves Den

Apprentices Den


Omega's Den

Join Requests!Edit

Want to join the Gray Pack? List your wolf's name, pelt color, eye color, position and gender below!


Pure black

Crystal blue

Alpha Female


-Daughter of ScourgeFavored by the Dark Forest!

Lightningstrike is a gray tabby she-wolf with yellow tabby sploshes, a yellow diamond on her nose, and a yellow tabby patch over her eye, and green eyes, Beta Female Silverfang Let the moon guide you 23:28, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

I seen that this pack needed wolves so I'm joining here is my wolf

Starmist : a small, beautiful light and dark gray she-wolf with black rings around her eyes, a black tipped, and tabby striped tail and warming, dusty-blue eyes ( pup-sitter expecting Ember;s pups ) *Leafpool* 02:07, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

Gorse : a dark brown tabby brunte with green eyes Alpha Male ( if he can be Alpha Male ) *Leafpool* 19:19, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

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